KLISTER (Allt och ingenting)

by anitalixel on October 27, 2014


Singel (VOJ Records 2014) Text & musik: Johanna Demker
Foto, regi & klipp: Bård Ek o Erlend Mikael Sæverud

TEASER – KLISTER (Allt och ingenting)

by anitalixel on October 27, 2014


Smakbit från singeln som släpps måndag 27 oktober 2014!
Film av Krosseyed Studio v/ Bård Ek & Erlend Mikael Sæverud.

KLISTER – Ny singel 27 oktober!

by Johanna on October 23, 2014

Mandag 27 oktober slippes neste singel i Norge. KLISTER (ALLT OCH INGENTING) er en låt som, etter første uttalelse fra pressen, “sitter som lim i ørene”.. Musikkvideoen, lagd av Bård Ek og Erlend Mikael Sæverud, har også premiere førstkommende mandag. Stay tuned!


Äntligen! På måndag kommer första smakprovet från min nya, svenska platta som kommer till hösten. ESSENTIELLT handlar om de små sakerna vi har runt oss – som vi kanske inte alltid ser, eller tar för givet, men som ibland kan vara just det som faktiskt gör livet rikare..
Ha en riktigt skön sommar!



Website updates

by anitalixel on June 20, 2014

Hi, it’s Anita, your friendly webmaster (or mistress) here :)

I’m working on a simple way for Johanna to give you updates, so this site will become a collection of her favourite Instagram moments, personal facebook status updates and more, that reflect the talented songstress we know and love.

Meanwhile, here’s a snap from Johanna’s instagram when she was featured in Hadeland’s newpaper on the 5th of June 2014.


PS – You can follow Johanna on instagram here:  http://instagram.com/jodemker


by Johanna on May 24, 2014

So, it’s about time. For a web page update. And for revealing to the world what I’ve been up too since Madness came out.
I’m gonna be writing in Swedish here from now on (!) – with an English translation and the reason is that I’ve picked up my beloved mother tongue and written songs in Swedish for my new album. We are in the process of finishing now and it will be released in the fall of 2014. New pictures and more news coming up! Vi hörs!

Christmas concerts and more

by anitalixel on November 24, 2013

It’s been way too long since I have posted some updates about Johanna’s live shows.

This year has been a busy one and there are still quite a few live shows that you can enjoy.

Make a note in your calendars for Johanna’s shows this December, including two special Christmas shows!

21/12/2013 Julekonsert – Grua Kirke
20/12/2013   Julekonsert – Oppdalen Kapell
13/12/2013   Eventjobb – Hønefoss
21/11/2013   Eventjobb – Gran
15/12/2013   HTA – Buckley´s, Oslo
9/12/2013    HTA – Gamle Nebbenes Kro, Eidsvoll

Past shows this year… great memories!

30-31/8/2013 Rjukan Trubadurfestival
13/7/2013    HTA – Breim Countryfestival
4/7/2013             HTA – VCMF, Vinstra
3/7/2013             VCMF, Vinstra
15/6/2013   HTA, Østkanten  Bluesfestival
14/6/2013   Hadeland Gjestegård
1/6/2013             HTA – Musikkfest, Oslo

New video!

by anitalixel on January 20, 2012

‘Madness’. from the album with the same name. Filmed by Espen Olsen.

Upcoming shows

by Johanna on January 7, 2012

14 Feb – Bonanza, Oslo

15 Mars – Kampen Bistro, Oslo (With Big Hand Salooon)


Direct link to my music on Wimp & Spotify

by Johanna on December 29, 2011

For streaming or download: